Quatre classes du collège Via Domitia de Manduel ont assisté à des projections de films dans le cadre du festival British Screen 2019. 

Ce projet a été l’occasion de faire découvrir aux élèves l’histoire du cinéma britannique dans les grandes lignes, avec un focus particulier sur la comédie.

Une étude du film Tueurs de dame d’Alexander Mackendrick (1955) leur a permis d’acquérir quelques outils en matière d’analyse filmique.

Les élèves ont également rédigé deux critiques, l’une en français sur le film Sing Street (J. Carney, 2016), l’autre en langue anglaise sur l’un des films visionnés pendant le festival. Voici deux de ces productions écrites :

The mystery of the third man. Review by Erwin Monti 3°D

I liked this film about a murder story, in which we find a lot of suspense with the third man. We find a love story with Holly Martins and Anna Schmitt. The films shows us the situation in Vienna after the Second World War. It is a black film shot in 1948 on the ruins of the city of Vienna. It is directed by Carol Reed. I appreciate the pursuit about the third man who is Orson Welles.

In the beginning, when the story sets it up the film progresses slowly, it is afterwards that it begins to accelerate when we know his friend is alive and it
becomes interesting when the pace goes very fast when hunting the third man in the sewers, and that is what i liked in this film.
The film ends with a closed end because we know what happened to the third man. The film shows us the ravages of war as confirmed by the ruins of the city. So i find that for an old film, it is well done.


Looking For Eric. Review  by Antoni Tardivel

Looking For Eric was released in 2009 and directed by Ken Loach. Steves Evets, Eric Cantona and Stephanie Bishop

are in it. It sets in Manchester. This movie was presented at the Cannes Festival. It’s a Drama-Film. It’s about Eric Bishop, a postman in Manchester and football fan. The two teenagers of his second wife, from whom he is separated, make his life impossible at home : he discovers that the older boy acquanted with a gangster and hides a gun in his room. It is by keeping his grand daughter that he reconnects with his first wife ‘Lily’ who he had abandoned, and plunges back into his painful past. He has suicidal thoughts. His hallucinations earned him the of his hero, Eric Cantona. I find this movie very nice and original. I loved this story, the adventure that lives his person ( Eric ) who can overcome these big problems. I also loved it because there is football and that is my hobby.

I didn’t like the end with the masks of Eric Cantona which is not bad but too much impropable, it is not realistic.